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W.O.M.B: Women of My Billion (dir. Ajitesh Sharma, 2021)

“When I started out on my journey I looked upon this big mountain.  This mountain was made up of the molesters, the acid throwers, the abusers. It was scary, and it was breathing fire at me.  But I decided to march towards it with one thought in mind – in…

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Short Film Sunday: Janaki (dir. Suneesh K Sukumaran, 2017)

This post first appeared on Totally Filmi on December 10, 2017. Totally Filmi Casa Fave Indrajith lends his voice to this short film from graphic artist and director Suneesh K. Sukumaran.  The film marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the destruction of the Babri Masjid, an event that changed the face of…

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Orange Marangalude Veedu (“House of Orange Trees”/dir. Dr. Biju, 2021)

Malayalam filmmaker Dr. Biju returns to the film festival circuit with Orange Marangalude Veedu (“House of Orange Trees”), currently screening as part of the New York Indian Film Festival.  I’ve written before that Dr. Biju’s emphasis as a filmmaker is to create films that serve to inform and advocate on…


Doubles With Slight Pepper (dir. Ian Harnarine, 2011)

This post first appeared on Totally Filmi on September 1, 2011. “I come from a long line of poor and stupid coolies,” says Dhani, not without some bitterness.  It’s a bitterness that’s justified:  Dhani’s father left Trinidad for Canada, promising to bring Dhani and his mother later, leaving them with…

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The Eclipse of Taregna (dir. Rakesh Chaudary, 2011)

This post first appeared on Totally Filmi on September 30, 2011. The film is now available for viewing on Rakesh Chaudary’s YouTube channel. As a former history student, and as someone with a life-long love of history, it is perhaps not surprising that I adore decorated manuscripts, those carefully planned…

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